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Renovating to Meet Your Needs and the Needs of Our Community

The iconic "Doctors Building" has been located in the heart of Central Arkansas for decades. Renovation improvements include:

  • Renovating exterior
  • Renovating parking garage
  • Restructuring parking lot
  • New landscaping
  • New vestibules in front of the building
  • Renovating first floor common area

Responding to Coronavirus (COVID19)

At the Doctors Building we are following CDC recommendations as well as implementing appropriate State of Arkansas mandates to help lessen the spread of COVID 19

Our visitors/patients/employees can anticipate the following safety protocols to be in place: masks are required when entering the building or navigating through all common areas to include elevators. We encouraged all businesses within the building to follow CDC guidance as it pertains to their individual business type. We also encourage social distancing, frequent hand washing, use of sanitizers (provided in common areas and restrooms), use of proper cough and sneeze etiquette, tenant businesses are encouraged to use virtual meetings, perform services virtually (if possible), bring lunch and take breaks within tenant space, all to reduce overall traffic within the building.

We discourage handshaking, hugs, and fist bumps, touching eyes, nose & mouth and entering the building when sick. As a precautionary measure we are performing enhanced cleaning methods to include frequent disinfecting of high-touch surfaces. Deep clean is provided immediately as a service in the event COVID19 contamination is suspected. Along with our business partners within the building, our goal is to promote an environment which reduces the risk of people’s exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19. Most importantly we encourage all visitors, patients and employees to stay educated, click here for the latest information from the CDC.

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The Doctors Building is conveniently located right in the heart of Little Rock, in the Midtown neighborhood, with a plethora of restaurants, shopping, and other medical resources nearby.

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